Red Bud Properties was formed in 2016 by Jason Wojtacha who brings 30+ years of building experience to the local market. Jason started the company as a personal development company for his own portfolio naming the entity after his favorite dog at the time, Buddy, and the location of the property in Redmond Washington. Hence the name Red Bud to which he built the Au Courant House. He is definitely a dog person.

Jason grew up in the business under his father’s direction at a very young age in the then small town of Duvall Washington where he learned many of the technical aspects of the building process first hand by doing many of the tasks himself. Over the years, that knowledge and experience has expanded into various businesses in the local Seattle market as a custom home builder, remodeler, and developer. All three disciplines require a different and unique set of skills to navigate to the end result, and having that wide range of knowledge and experience gives him a unique lens into each and every project’s situation.

Jason has always brought bold and artful projects to the market such as the Rogue House and the Au Courant House through his development arm while the Custom side has allowed for continued progress into deeper elements of Architectural design you can’t get on the open market.

His work has been showcased in the Seattle Modern Home Tour and several local publications. Today his focus is on delivering thoughtfully designed projects to the Seattle market as a developer and helping those ready to build their home with their own special touches.